What Makes VALOR a Superior Gas Fireplace Design
Back in our days of selling wood burning fireplace inserts, a blower was an important component to extracting the heat from the firebox. However, gas fireplace technology is quite different, and done right this is why a gas fire shouldn't need a blower.

Valor incorporates several design features that make a blower obsolete. Ceramic glass, ceramic logs and built-in heat exchangers combine to provide the best of both radiant and passive heat systems. Radiant heat is about 30% warmer and more effective than a forced air heat, helping to make you actually feel warmer than convective heat. The basic difference is that convective heat warms the air in the room which eventually heats the solid mass in the room - including human bodies. Radiant heat actually warms the solid mass in the room first - and in a straight line. Blowers can be added, but why spend money needlessly? Other than powering a blower fan, no Valor fireplaces need electricity which makes them a great heater in a power outage, capable of heating 800-2500 sq ft depending on the model.