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Virginia Metalcrafters Andirons

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The best of quality shines through in these vintage Virginia Metalcrafters andirons
Part Number: 2687-2
Highly prized for their distinctive quality and historic designs, these vintage Virginia Metalcrafters Andirons are the perfect traditional accent for your fireplace. Solid brass and cast iron. Probably 1980's vintage.
23" tall
19-1/2" deep

Virginia Metalcrafters began life as the Waynesboro Stove Company, a cook stove foundry, in 1890 and located in Waynesboro, Virginia. As time marched on and electric appliances became the norm, the Virginia Metalcrafters name was born in 1936 and was used for the company's prestigious home and garden accessory lines. They enjoyed great success in the design and manufacture of reproduction colonial items using brass and cast iron, based on historic designs being excavated at Colonial Williamsburg, working closely with them to faithfully recreate the simple and beautiful styles of the era with strict attention to detail that put their products in the upper end price ranges and showcased in the Craft House at the Williamsburg Inn. Sadly the company began losing market share to cheaper-made products and by their decision to produce cheaper goods and sell in big box discount stores. The company shut its doors in 2005.

Vintage items are sold in "as is" condition and there's only 1 of these available.

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