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Victor Gas Coal Burner

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Coal effect gas burner with open fire for small fireplaces
Part Number: 202

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 Use with your antique fireplace parts

Use with a coal basket

For the smallest fireplaces,
use with a fret

VICTOR Gas Coal Burner, ELECTRONIC IGNITION & Remote Control

Be honest; you bought that old house for its fireplaces, didn't you?
But it's so much work to tote in those tiny pieces of wood or that dirty coal, and fight to get a fire started. Just think how often you'd have a fire if all you had to do was touch a button on a remote control! The Victor burner gives you the authentic look of a real coal fireplace with no mess, no work

The Victor can be used in your fireplace if you still have your old ash cover, or it can be combined with a fret, or inserted into a old or new cast iron coal basket. 
Be sure to click the PHOTOS tab above to see the Victor in different homeowners' applications.

Includes gas pan burner, vermiculite, ceramic coals and remote control. 

Electronic ignition means there's no standing pilot; the remote control lights the burner and raises/lowers the flame height. The most energy efficient choice because there's no costs of paying for gas to keep a pilot flame burning. Choose LP (bottled) or Natural Gas (city gas). 15,000 to 30,000 btu input. 

NOTE: If you're using the Victor with your existing hanging antique grate, 7-1/2" clearance is required between the floor of your fireplace and the BOTTOM of the hanging grate in order to allow for the gas components.

BTU INPUT: 28,500 (all burner sizes)

Victor 1 is a trapezoid shape; 14-1/4" wide in the center, 9" wide at front, 9" wide at rear, 5-1/4" deep, 7" tall. (used with our cast iron surrounds)

Victor 2
is 14" wide at front, 11" wide at rear, 6" deep, 6-1/2" tall

Victor 3
is 12" wide at front, 10" wide at rear, 6" deep, 6-1/2" tall

Victor 2: 14" wide at front, 11" wide at rear, 6" Deep, 6-1/2" Tall (best seller)
Victor 3: 12" wide at front, 10" wide at rear, 6" deep, 6-1/" tall

Victor 1:
12" wide at front, 10" wide at rear,
6" deep, 6-1/" tall
Designed to fit our
Cast Iron Inserts

This is a vented gas product. It MUST be installed into a functioning wood burning fireplace with a lined chimney. Minimum chimney size is 6" round. Your fireplace damper, if one exists, must be removed or permanently clamped open upon installation. If your chimney is damaged, unlined or doesn't already draft and vent properly when you burn wood in it, it is essential that the chimney performance & safety be upgraded prior to using any open burning vented gas product!



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