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Soho Outdoor Gas Light

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The Soho gas lamp is an ideal way to provide traditional lighting to the exterior of your home or business
Part Number: VW9A

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 Outdoor gas lights are not just used for lighting at upper end homes, they're a frequent fixture at parks, hotels, restaurants and are used as a permanent outdoor lighting method at a wide range of museums, historic downtown areas and commercial spaces of all types. The SOHO model is named after the Soho Foundry, the first commercial use of gas for outdoor lighting.

The most common style gas lamp you may be familiar with uses a mantle, starting life as a fabric mesh bag that's impregnated with metal nitrates; these metal oxides produce a warm but bright glow on the visible light spectrum while emitting little radiation (or heat). The mantle is lit when installed and the gas light is intended to burn continuously because the mantle is too fragile to touch after its initial firing. Scroll down to watch a video showing the mantles being lit.

The  gas lamp is also available with a dual inverted style or an open flame design, as shown left. 

Again, the dual inverted or the upright burner must remain lit at all times because the mantel is too delicate to withstand being re-lit. On natural gas they consume 2500 btu's per hour (2000 btu on LP gas). The open flame model includes a push button electronic ignition that's mounted on the pole.  The open flame burner is a more dynamic flame vs the glow produced by the mantle lamp burner. 

The lamp and post are made of rugged aluminum and painted black. WARRANTY is 30 days on paint and glass, 1 year warranty on the lamp and gas components.

CHOOSE FROM in-ground mounting or patio mount (which includes a round base). The in-ground post is 3" diameter x 7'9" tall while the patio mount is 3" x 6'5" including the round base. This model does not come with electronic ignition mounted on the post as shown right, while lamps with mantles are lit manually and won't have the ignition box.  Electronic ignition is not                                                                                                                                                                                              available on this.

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