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RAMONA Fire Pit 60" Long

Your Price: $2,299.00
Beautiful concrete style GRFC finish linear fire pit available in 6 colors
Part Number: OPT-RMNRT60

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The RAMONA 60" gas fire pit offers a designer style with a rectangular enclosure and curved fire tray. The enclosure is actually made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)  
that's easier to clean and will last years longer than the concrete finish that it mimics. The Ramona is perfect as a chat height fire pit with a built in gas fire pit with an edge to conveniently place your drinks. 6 people can easily be seated around it, enjoying its warmth and beauty on a chilly evening. Ships ready to burn propane (LP) or natural gas, but if your home has Natural Gas then consider extending a gas line to it from the house. Natural Gas may cost 1/10th as much to operate and there's never a need to go fill a portable tank. It's always ready to burn when cool evening air arrives.

We probably should remind you that this Fire Pit is designed for outdoor use only

  • Measures 60" x 24"; Height 24"
  • Choice of colors - Black, Limestone, Gray, Brown, Ash & Vanilla
  • Includes match lit ignition, Electronic Ignition available
  • Stainless Steel burner 48" x 12"
  • Base holds a 5 gallon propane tank, concealed with an access door
  • Weighs 405 lbs
  • BTU: 55,000
  • Includes LAVA ROCK - other media is available
  • If you live in a windy area or the table will be used in an area that's exposed to prevailing wind then we recommend you add a GLASS WIND GUARD to keep the flame from blowing too close to diners' faces.
  • WARRANTY:  Finish warranty is 1 years, Components Warranty is 1-3 years

Customize the RAMONA gas fire pit with Lava Chunks, Polished Lava Rocks or
Glass in these vibrant colors

50 lbs of glass in choice of colors $275
Lava Chunks $55
Polished Lava Rock $155

Remember, this firetable weighs 405 lbs and you'll need 3-5  people on hand to TAKE DELIVERY of it and to MOVE IT in place. The freight carrier will call you to arrange a delivery time and date so please be ready for them with adequate help on hand!


Tempered Glass Wind 


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