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Polynesian Torch Gas Light

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The Soho gas lamp is an ideal way to provide traditional lighting to the exterior of your home or business
Part Number: PT2

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The POLYNESIAN torch style gas light is designed for use on decks and patios, offering a large open flame in a fun island style torch, adding dramatic natural lighting while entertaining in your outdoor spaces.

Enjoying an open flame outdoors is almost a primal need, encouraging friends and family to relax and converse. A torch style gas light is the perfect choice, placing the flame up high to illuminate the space while keeping the fire well away from little hands. A bonus is that bugs are not attracted to the light of an open flame. Made entirely of solid aluminum that won't rust and an epoxy powder-coat finish for durability to stand up to the outdoor environment. Includes a push button electronic ignition mounted to the post. Choose in-ground mounting or patio mount with a round aluminum base. Scroll down to watch a video 

CHOOSE FROM in-ground mounting or patio mount (which includes a round base). The in-ground post is 3" diameter x 7'9" tall while the patio mount is 3" x 6'5" including the round base. Includes an electronic ignition switch that's mounted on the post. 

The lamp fixture measures 16" diameter x 9" tall.

14,000 BTU

30 days on paint and glass, 1 year warranty on the lamp and gas components.

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