Expert tip: Paint the Fireplace Black
Want to know one of our best tips for an expert fireplace upgrade?

An open fire such as gas logs or a gas coal burner will look 1000 times better if you take the simple step of painting the inside of the fireplace black. I know, your fireplace may already be partly black from soot stains, but you really should clean those bricks and paint them. Here's the proof.

This customer sent us a picture of the Victor burner and the fret he purchased from us and had installed. It was beautiful, but I knew if I could convince him to take the burner back out and paint the fireplace then he'd be tremendously more happy. And he sent the "after" picture with appreciation for the tip.

Here's the trick. You don't want to paint over any soot or debris that's on the bricks so clean off what you can with Spic N Span or Trisodium Phosphate. Let the bricks dry then paint with high temp paint, using either stove paint or grill paint. As you can see, it's worth the little extra effort.