28" Opti-Myst II Electrc Logs

28" Opti-Myst II Electrc Logs

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If you find you don't use your fireplace much because of the work, the mess or maybe even that burned charcoal smell that comes down your chimney, simply close off the damper and set this electric log insert in place.

This electric log set uses water to create flames! Fill the water reservoir, and watch as the mist created interplays with strategically placed lighting which creates the most realistic illusion of a true dancing flames and smoke. Quite honestly, it's not only the best electric fire I've ever seen, I just think it may be the biggest idea to come out of the fireplace industry in decades.

NO HEAT, but a very realistic fire using LED lights which are so economical to use and will last for decades. The LED's glow with a pulsating effect that adds to the authenticity. Fill the water reservoir and enjoy flames for 14-17 hours before refilling.

28" wide, 12" tall, 14-3/4" deep
120 volts, 2.7 amps
1 year warranty



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