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Maymont Small Electric Parlor Stove

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Maymont Electric Parlor Stove
We just love the versatility of the MAYMONT ELECTRIC PARLOR STOVE! It's a top pick for us because it's small enough - at just 17-1/2" wide - to slide right into most small old coal fireplaces, providing extra heat for the room and the warm glow of a fire effect. 

And how fun is it that it comes in COLORS! Open the glass paned door to reveal easily accessible controls. Here you can adjust the flame brightness, the thermostatic heat dial and the high/low settings. Perforated sides expand the view of the flame effect of the glowing log base and moving flame effect. 


*INFRARED HEATING  Below the firebox is the infrared heater, making this tiny stove a powerful heat source. Infrared heaters are a superior way to heat with electricity as they're about twice as effective as an electric convection heater. The manufacturer rates this model as capable of heating 1000 sq ft! 
* Incandescent lighting (40 watt, E12 candelabra base) 
*120 Volts, 12.5 Amps, 1500 Watts 
* Plugs into standard wall outlet 
* Heats up to 1000 sq. ft. 
* Manual Controls (no remote) 
* CSA Designed & Certified 
* Measures 17-1/2W x 23H x 10.8D 
* Weighs 20.2 lbs
1 Year Warranty

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