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Innsbrook Short Gas Insert

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INNSBROOK gas insert offers designer features in a short model made for short fireplaces, such as prefab metal fireplaces
Part Number: DVC20IN31

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Per manufacturer's requirements we may only sell this model within the state of Virginia.


The INNSBROOK direct vent gas insert fits the shortest of fireplaces including very short prefabricated wood burning fireplaces, offering the convenience and cleanliness of gas in an insert with designer features that allow you to customize it to fit your taste and style. We offer this model because it's among the shortest available, requiring a minimum fireplace height of just 18-1/2".

With a BTU input rating of up to 20,000 btu's, it can heat approximately 500-1000 square feet. A gas insert provides a clean and safe backup heating system, even when the power goes out!

BTU input:  15,000 to 20,000 | Efficiency:  71% | Approval: UL, ANSI Standard

-Log effect 
-Direct Vent technology with glass window

-Choice of designer fronts, and 3 sizes of trims available
-Select from Millivolt or Electronic Ignition (Electronic ignition will REQUIRE a power cord but has a battery backup for power outages)

- Millivolt systems have a standing pilot; electronic ignition lights the pilot then turns on the burner
- Approved for venting vertically up to 40'
- Includes dual 3" aluminum chimney liner system with chimney cap
- Includes Blower

Minimum Fireplace Dimensions: 28-1/4W (front), 17-1/4W (rear) x 18-1/2H x 13-3/8D

Brochure - Clean Face Models
Brochure - Innsbrook Front

Installation Manual

                                     SELECT FIREBOX LINER


Plain Front
Black only
Horizon Doors (non operable)
Black Only
Transom Doors (non operable)
Black Only

New Cell
Black or Bronze
Thermostat Remote ControlWireless Wall Thermostat


Small 34W x 23-1/4H

1" deep, black # DS2063BL 
2" deep, black #DS2063DBL

1" deep, bronze #2063BZ
2" deep, bronze #2063DBZ
Medium 40W x 23-1/4H

1" deep, black # DS2066BL
2" deep, black #DS2066DBL

1" deep, bronze #DS2066BZ
2" deep, bronze #DS2063DBZ
Large 40W x 26-1/4H

1" deep, black #DS2096BL
2" deep, black #DS2096DBL

1" deep, bronze #DS2096BZ
2" deep, bronze #DS2096DBZ

Riser / Bottom Trim
1-15/16 tall
Required if the trim panels will not
rest on the hearth

34-1/2W x 1D, Black #C203BL
34-1/2W x 1D, Bronze #C203BZ
34-1/2W x 2D, Black #C203DBL
34-1/2W x 2D, Bronze #C203DBZ

Black Cast Iron Trim
39-7/8W x 26-7/8H x 2" D
(uses plain front only)
#SC256BL + SAK20
add $300

40-1/2W x 1D, Black #C203DBL
40-1/2W x 1D, Bronze #C206BZ
40-1/2W x 2D, Black #C206DBL
40-1/2W x 2D, Bronze #C206DBZ

SHROUD 48W x 36H
Black only #SH1BL 
optional trim that inserts behind 
other trims cover oversized
fireplace openings




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