1. Harmony Arbor

Harmony Arbor

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Elegant gothic arch garden arbor adds a focal point while providing support for climbing vines
Part Number: 104-ARB-07

What arbor doesn't look great dripping in flowers, such as the mature white climbing ones in the photo at left? But what about when the garden is freshly planted, or in cooler seasons?

The HARMONY arbor is the answer - an outdoor architectural element that adds visual interest in a garden any time of year. This gorgeous design incorporates quatrefoil flowers with a gothic arch, evoking old world charm. The 4 leaves or flower petals have been used since ancient times to represent the balance found in fours: 4 directions of the compass, 4 seasons, 4 evangelists. Look closely at today's wallpapers and tile designs, lighting hardware, mirrors and other decorative home elements and you'll realize you almost can't stop seeing the quatrefoil elements that are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Balance creates harmony, and what more could you want for time spent in your yard, porch or garden.

114-1/2" tall for generous head room to walk through it.

51W x 112-1/2H x 17-3/4D
72 lb.

Handmade. 90 day warranty.

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