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Antique Grecian Fireplace Inserts

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Both of these original old antique gas fireplace inserts came from the same home in Washington DC so we're listing them as a pair but will sell them separately. The one with the elaborate cover was an original vent-free model; originally it had asbestos behind it that glowed when the gas was turned on, simply creating the illusion of a fire burning behind the screen. 

The one with the logs showing is a solid iron form in the shape of gas logs. There would have been a small flame and the logs probably glowed somewhat.

We cannot stress enough that these CANNOT BE USED in their present condition to burn gas in your fireplace. We're selling them simply as decorative inserts or covers to conceal your fireplace opening. 

Each is 31-1/2 wide x 30-1/4 tall. The attached metal firebox is about 6" deep; if the firebox is left attached you'll likely find it easier to just slide it them in to cover off the fireplace opening. Otherwise, detach the firebox and attach the front to the fireplace opening.

The one with the decorative cover is $899 and the one with the iron logs is NOW SOLD, with both being offered "as is". 

The gold color is not brass, it is a metallic gold paint and while it has the potential to be attractive this way, the paint job was sloppily done. We will refinish them, either painting them all black for $125 or repainting them with the black and gold finish as shown - but much more carefully - for $300 each.  You're welcome to call or email us about these to discuss how you'd like them or to get more information.

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