Gas Fires

Gas fireplaces are used for new construction. Our models are efficient heating appliances.Direct vent gas fireplaces use a double-walled vent pipe that brings combustion air from outdoors through one chamber while exhausting through the other vent chamber. This differs greatly from a traditional wood burning fire that uses room air from combustion then sends all or most of the heat produced out of your home through the chimney.

Gas stoves mimic a wood stove but have more versatile venting options and are efficient heaters.They also fit most anywhere. Fires are thermostatically controlled. Stoves come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs to suit any room. 

Gas inserts are heating appliances that are retrofit into an existing fireplace. Small vintage style gas coal fireplace inserts are our specialty, but we also offer a variety of inserts for standard and large fireplaces as well. A gas insert converts your fireplace into a powerful heating source, offering a conversion from an open hole in the wall. They are retrofit into an existing fireplace. Since they have a glass front, the chimney can't suck away the substantial amount of heat they produce. Gas insert models can heat 800-2500 sq. ft. and are highly efficient.

Gas logs are an open fire (no glass) that are retrofitted into standard size fireplaces. Gas logs were designed back in the 1950's as a means of having a beautiful fire in an open fireplace, without all the trouble of toting in firewood, struggling to light the wood and cleaning out ashes. They're very decorative but won't provide substantial heat.

Gas coals are open fires that are decorative but don't provide heat. Gas coal baskets and gas coal burners are the smaller version of gas logs and fit very small fireplaces where gas logs cannot fit such as the tiny coal fireplaces in old homes. They are designed to retrofit into small coal burning fireplaces.

Fire enhancers include luxury media to accent gas logs & gas fireplaces to completely change the look and feel of your decorative gas fire with these accessories 
    Gas fireplaces for new construction
    Freestanding gas stoves
    GAS INSERT retrofits into a fireplace to create heat & efficiency. Includes chimney liner to address unlined chimney or a chimney with damaged liner.