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Garden Fire Urn 5

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Part Number: 762-CB-11-V2XC-2

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gas garden urn

The Garden Fire Urn 5 is the perfect solution for small spaces;  at just 26-1/2" diameter and 27" tall, it's a nice size to stand around for intimate conversations. The GARDEN FIRE URN 5 can also be placed on your deck or patio, on a column or on a pedestal base. Looks great in combination with stone style planters.

Totally self-contained, the Garden Fire Urn is approved for use with glass, but we don't recommend doing so as we find its performance finicky with a glass fire. You'll be happier with the effect when using lava rock or ceramic stones. Enjoy it's old world charm in a cafe blanco finish made of durable pre-cast Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete. No smoke blowing in your face or dangerous sparks flying - instant flames at the touch of a button. 

The urn is available to burn either LP or Natural Gas, however, you will find that if you can connect the Garden Fire Urn to your home's natural gas supply then the gas is far less expensive and the flame is much more attractive.

NEW! This matching optional pedestal base can hold an LP tank, or just be used to raise the height of your Garden Fire Urn, or be used as an end table. The colors do match despite the variances in color shown in the photos.

Suitable for commercial or residential outdoor spaces

* 12" diameter stainless steel burner made in a star shape
* The urn measures 27H x 26-1/2D
* Weighs 150 lbs (without lava rock) - can be used on a deck or balcony 
* REQUIRED CLEARANCES: 36" from all sides, 72" above; floor must be a hard & level surface
* 60,000 btu
* Choose natural gas or LP (bottled) gas
* Includes lava granules; ceramic fiber river rocks also available
* Select match lit or electronic ignition
* 3 Year Warranty on bowl, 1 year warranty on stainless steel burner/components
* We include a key valve - a $25 value

round fire pit stonespedestal for fire urn
10 Piece Stone Kit
Volcanic Stone Kit
Reinforced Top Cover
Tank/End Table

Vinyl Cover


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