INSTALL A NEW FIREPLACE - Remodeling and New Construction Projects

The new gas fireplace below was installed in a small 12' x 12' living room, framed into a new chase that's just 4' wide x 1' deep. We really can install a new gas or electric fireplace in most any room! Let our design experts help create the perfect new fireplace for your home, no matter where you live. Located in the Richmond, Virginia area? We also offer expert local installation services.

provide a real flame and can provide heat for all or most of an average home. Our models even offer thermostatically controlled heat to keep your space at your desired comfort level. A gas fireplace is an excellent choice for zone heating and for emergency backup heating as most of our models work without electricity. Small models and vintage styles are our specialty, but we offer standard sizes and modern models as well. Direct vent gas fireplaces offer flexible venting options so you can install a new gas fireplace in almost any room. 
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Electric fireplaces are not the frivolous idea you may think they are. They're actually a nice source of extra heat for a single room or smaller spaces. There are no gas lines to run and there's no venting required, making installation options nearly unlimited. We've been selling electric fires longer than just about anyone in America and have made it our mission to find or create vintage styles that fit into historic homes. 
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