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Ultramarine Gloss Fireplace Tiles - 2 Sizes
Ultramarine Tile, 2" x 4"

Ultramarine Gloss Fireplace Tiles - 2 Sizes

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Historic fireplace tiles in 2 sizes
Part Number: FH-122

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NEW! Ultramarine fireplace tile reintroduces a color that was popularly used on vintage fireplaces. Comes in a glossy finish and available in 2 sizes - choose from 1-1/2" x 6" Quarter Tile or 2" x 4" Subway Tile. These are handmade so there are irregularities in the colors, enhancing the historic design of these gorgeous tiles. Also suitable for kitchens and baths - anywhere a subway tile or quarter tile would be appropriate.

Made to order - allow 3 to 4 weeks delivery time.

These hand made tiles are $6 each

Use our handy TILE CALCULATOR FORM to determine the number of tiles you need for your fireplace project

For help in planning, there are
16 (1-1/2" x 6") tiles per square foot  
18 (2" x 4") tiles per square foot

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