Recently we had some customers in the store looking for a technician to remove the gas logs in the historic home they had recently purchased. The gas logs just didn't heat and they decided they would take the fireplace back to its woodburning origins.

daphne-loves-her-windsor-gas-fireplaceAfter talking with them further, the house was too cold and since the gas logs didn't heat, they thought they'd get more heat from a wood fire. I explained that a wood fire would provide the same disappointing heating results, not to mention the extra mess associated with burning wood. Additionally, Natural Gas is cheaper than buying firewood and as they already had a gas line, it would really be a simple change out to a high efficiency gas insert that would give them the heat they wanted with no mess or work. We installed it 2 days ago and it's gratifying to know they're so happy with the result - isn't the Windsor gas insert just beautiful?


Thanks to you and Mike so much!  It is gorgeous and is definitely heating up this drafty old wonderful house.  I can't say enough good things about it.  I think it's become Howard's new toy. I never thought the pyromaniac would go for anything but a wood burning fireplace but I think he's been converted for sure. Lovely picture of Mike's apprentice, Daphne.  Did he tell you she barked at him for a walk in the late afternoon?  That's what she does around that time and apparently she wanted him to take her for a stroll. Again, we both love love love the fireplace.  It is so beautiful and I think it looks perfect over the marble that I'm glad you talked me into keeping!  Good advice.