Here are some customer projects. We're sure their houses appreciate their owners' efforts to bring new life to these fireplaces!

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"It's the national addiction: warmth on chilly nights, innocence on Saturday afternoons...
the essence of hearth, home and blissful abandon" (Patricia Linden)

Windsor gas insert
President gas insert

Clearview gas insert
Q1 Gas Fireplace

Legend G3 gas insert
Fender Fire Trim & Doors

Legend G3 gas insert
Clearview Front, 3 sided trim + risert

Legend G3 gas insert
Clearview Front, 4 sided trim

Legend G4 Gas Insert
Vintage Iron front, 3 sided trim, riser

Legend G3 gas insert

Legend G4 Gas Insert
4 Sided Vintage Trim
Ledge Gas Fireplace

Victor Gas Coal Burner in English Grate
President Gas Insert

Windsor Gas InsertSenator Gas Insert

Legend G3 gas insert
Legend G3 gas insert

Senator Gas Insert  L1 Gas Fireplace
Image may contain: dog and indoor
Gas Logs & Glass Doors

President Freestanding

Legend G3Windsor Gas Insert


                  Windsor Gas Insert                                      Windsor Gas Insert