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Look over our library for technical articles about fireplaces and chimneys, fireplace design, and more. We also have an exhaustive list of links to old books and fireplace catalogs which you'll find invaluable in researching antique fireplaces, mantels, and stoves and to aid you in the renovation and restoration of your vintage fireplace.


Is it Time to Replace that Old Prefabricated fireplace?

Chimney Lining Requirements for Historic Homes

About Pilot Lights on Gas Fireplaces

Smoky Fireplaces: Causes & Cures

How to Hire a Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweeps: History & Customs

Letters from Vent Free Fireplace Owners

1927 Building Code & Chimney Liners

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Gas Fireplaces in Bedrooms

Solutions for Small Fireplaces

Craftsman Style Fireplaces: History & Design Aesthetics

Victorian Style Fireplaces: History & Design

Aldine Fireplaces

How Can ZONE HEATING Save on Fuel Costs?

Converting a Prefabricated Fireplace to Gas

Gas Log FAQ

Allowable Locations for an LP Gas Tank

Coal Fireplaces in America

What is a Summer Cover or Summer Door?

Annual Gas Maintenance Program

How to Clean the Glass on Your Gas Fireplace

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Unvented Gas Space Heating Appliances - Iowa State University


NFPA54-Gas Fuel Codes (2006)

2012 Virginia Residential Code - PART VI-FUEL GAS

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We've compiled a tremendous resource on old books about fireplaces and chimneys. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that 19th-century venting practices and appliance design were considerably different than they are today, so please don't consider an 1880's book on chimneys to be an authoritative guide to what's safe to do today. Some of the advice they offer would be hazardously life threatening! Chimney sweeps and fireplace experts will find them entertaining, but a homeowner likely won't know what's good advice and what's bad so we implore homeowners to consult with a professional on fireplace and chimney matters.

1927 Building Code & Chimney Liners

The Complete Works of Count Rumford (1876)

Colonial Homes and Their Furnishings (1912)

Making a Fireplace (1913)

On the Smokeless Fireplace (1855)

Sears Stoves, 1904 (cook stoves, parlor stoves, laundry stoves and more)

Original Old English Mantelpieces (old catalog)

The Hearth: A Book of Fireplace Designs in Brick 1918

The English Fireplace (1912)

The Open Fireplace in All Ages (1886)

Rudimentary Treatise on Warming and Ventilation (1864)

The Fireplace in the Home (1910)

Rowhouse Manual (City of Philadelphia)

1927 Catalog of Millwork

Catalog: ALDINE Grate & Mantel Company

Catalog: Schaller-Hoerr Co.

Catalog: The United State Roofing Tile Co. (floor tiles; get hearth tile inspiration from the 1920's)

Catalog: Friderichsen Floor & Wall Tile Company

The Home Fires: A few suggestions in face brick fireplaces from American Face Brick Assoc. 1923

Catalog: Readybuilt Fireplaces (the 1920's)

Brick Fireplace Designs, Claygate Brickfields LTD (1927)

Flues & Flue Linings - Chimneys & Fireplaces, Eastern Clay Products Assoc. 1925

Chimneys & Fireplace: How to Buid Them (1922)

Heatilator Fireplace: the Fireplace that Circulates Heat (1939)

Fireplace Fixtures Catalog #36, Janusch Manuf. (1925)

Southern Queen Fireplace Grates & Furnishings (1925)

Fireplace Fixtures, Catalog #33, Janus Manuf (1925)

Brick Fireplace Designs, Fisk, Homes & Co (1897)

Grates & Fireplace Fixtures, Drake Marble & Tile (1907)

Andirons & Firetools, Todhunter Inc., (1927)

Mantels & Fireplaces Catalog, Schaller-Hoerr Co. (1910)

Parlor, Cylinder & Laundry Stoves, Henry N. Clark Co (1908)

Monarch Catalog 113 (cook stoves, space heaters) (1925)

Catalog of grates, fenders, andirons, JL Mott Iron Works (1882)

The Chimneypiece, Original and artistic designs by Warings (1900)

Grates, Franklin Stoves & Fire Frames by Todhunter (1930)

Old Fireplaces and Their Equipment, Todhunter (1923)

Wood Mantel Catalog, JW Bailey & Sons (1910)

Stoves, Ranges, Fireplace Fixtures, Hibbard (1929)

Adams Fireplace FurnitureCatalog #11 (1926)

Electric Fireplace Catalog, Edwin Jackson Inc (1932)

Sears Catalog of Building Materials (1929)

House of Lords Fireplace Accessories (1960)

The English Fireplace, Catalog of inserts and stoves (1850)

Fireplace Catalog, Milton Pressed Brick (191?)

Interested in old houses?

Sears Catalog of Gas & Electric Lighting, 1900

Catalog Home Furnishings of Quality, 1929

Economy of Plumbing (Kitchen, Bath & Laundry products from Montgomery Ward & Co) 1920

Catalog Kirsch 1923 Rod & Window Draping Book (Curtains & Rods) 1923 


Federal & State Energy Rebates & Incentive Programs

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How to Read Your Electric Meter

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