Fireplace Early Buy Program

Chances are, much like us, you're working from home and sheltering indoors. Spending more time at home is making me think of all the projects I'd like to get done and anticipating when we'll be able to tackle some of them.

If you feel like your old fireplace needs to be remodeled, restored or updated, this is definitely the time. Waiting until the first frost this year means you'll likely lose out on what you can buy this year.

gas fireplace sale early buyAs anyone who has watched the news knows by now, the Coronavirus hit other parts of the world before it arrived in the USA. And these countries - Italy, Germany, China and others - are home to the factories that make many of the components used to build fireplaces. (We faced this already this year with certain trims being on backorder for weeks). Our fireplace suppliers are in Canada but they're experts in building metal fireboxes; if they can't get the igniter made in Italy or a valve made in Germany then they can't complete a fireplace to get it into the supply chain. This means the stock on hand RIGHT NOW may very well be all that will be available for this upcoming season.

Normally, fireplace manufacturers and distributors use a program called an "early buy" to encourage us fireplace retailers to transfer inventory from their warehouses to ours in the spring and summer months, because once their facility is full of product they can't build any more until there's a place to store them. THEY ARE NOT DOING THAT THIS YEAR, which lead us to realize that inventories aren't being replenished the way they have been in our previous 40 years in this business. A few phone calls confirmed this, but they also confirmed there is a good supply of inventory RIGHT NOW. As most fireplace stores, like us, are closed down right now, sales are really slow for manufacturers because of the retail shut-downs. Our sales are certainly off, but half of our business comes from the internet any way so that helps ease our pain a little, and theirs.

So we put our minds together with our suppliers. They've offered us special discounts and we're kicking in funds too so that we can offer some VERY good pricing to encourage you to buy off-season this year. Another supplier has given us a very generous discount on some 2019 model closeouts at $700 off. So if you're a price shopper, that's your first incentive. This time around, it's us promoting an EARLY BUY DISCOUNT to you.

If a great price isn't enough, then the second incentive is the more urgent of the two: if you don't buy now, it's not likely to be there in the fall due to supply shortages. Further, we probably won't be able to do local installations at some point this fall. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) predict the Coronavirus to subside over the spring and summer, only to return in the fall when it will likely co-exist with the seasonal flu to further stress our medical system. Essentially, another lockdown on businesses and people quarantining at home are likely this fall/winter. Wouldn't it be nice to have a new fire to cozy up to next winter, even if the worst case scenario doesn't happen? 

We don't want to be alarmists, we're just trying to encourage you to anticipate the future and act now, as opposed to reacting later. It's like being told on February 15 that you should buy some extra toilet paper.


* The best pricing to us is when we order in lots of 6 or more, so we'll hold your order til we have 6 units sold. This could be one day to one week or so. 
* The discounts we've worked out with suppliers is for payment with orders. This helps cashflow throughout the supply chain, so payment with your order is required.
* Local customers should know that our warehouse is very small. While we may not be able to install your new fireplace or insert as soon as it arrives, we will need to deliver it to you as soon as possible. Please try and make sure there's room in your garage or basement to store it for a little while. We will collect for installation once we come back, everything is completed and you're happy.
* This sale is STRICTLY LIMITED to existing available stock, so if an item is gone when you order it, we'll see if you have a second choice that we can substitute or issue an immediate refund, based on your preference.
* Freight is expensive and we subsidize it to keep it at 8% of your order. If you're in a reasonable driving distance then you can save big by picking your fireplace up from our store in Richmond, VA. The option for store pickup is shown during the order entry process. When your order arrives to us, we'll let you know and make an appointment day and time that's convenient for you.
* If you live outside of Virginia, you're not required to pay sales tax (unless you happen to be driving in from Idaho). Saving the sales tax helps offset your freight cost.

Curious how your new insert will look?

Email us a nice, straight-on picture of your fireplace, and its dimensions, and we can Photoshop your chosen model into your fireplace!

Now, start shopping! Go to the gold area at the top of the page. Hover over GAS FIRES and either click on "gas fireplaces" (for new construction) or "gas inserts" for a product to retrofit into your existing fireplace.