Electric Inserts


Electric inserts are electric fires that insert into an existing fireplace convert to use clean, economical electric heat. There may be several reasons to convert your fireplace to use an electric insert:

    Toting in firewood is just too much hassle!
    The fireplace or chimney is damaged or in unusable condition
    Installing gas lines is too expensive or complicated
    A desire for a flame that won't burn children & pets
    Concerns about fumes (electric fires produce NO FUMES - no venting is needed!)

Our SMALL INSERTS usually fit into smaller fireplaces such as the coal burning style fireplaces found in historic homes. The LARGER MODELS fit most prefabricated wood burning fireplaces and many masonry wood burning fireplaces.
IS IT PERMANENT? Should the power go out, or you decide for another reason that you'd like to burn wood in your fireplace, simply slide the electric insert back out of your existing functional fireplace, open the damper, and burn a wood fire. An electric fireplace insert is not a permanent conversion, unless you desire for it to be. You can even take it with you if you move.
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Grate Heater Electric Logs with Heat
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Portrait Electric Insert
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Windsor Victorian Electric Fireplace Insert
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Opti-Myst Electric Insert
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Opti-Myst Pro 19-1/2
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Manchester Tiny Electric Stove
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Revillusion 20
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