Vintage Decor: Define Your Style

 Practicality is the rule; choose rustic wood furnishings, utilitarian storage and display items with a vintage patina. Farmhouse style keeps kitschy items to one or 2 pieces because farmhouse style doesn't bombard the senses and instead seeks to offer serenity and comfort. Look for barn board and any reclaimed wood, butcher block, ceramics, antique kitchen ware.

ndustrial Common workplace items from days gone by combined with dark woods, leather and reclaimed iron materials repurposed for functional storage create a calming sense of style in an austere and uncluttered space of any size. Keep wall and fabric colors neutral and stick with natural textures.

Cottage Comfortable and casual, cottage style embraces familiar hand-me-downs and airy color palettes in tune with nature. Cottage style has evolved from popular French country and shabby chic, embracing old materials with a well-worn look. Beadboard trim and feminine fabrics, slipcovers, simple lace curtains and overstuffed furniture invites you to linger in a comfortable retreat. Unify mismatched old furniture by painting it in unifying colors; by creating a chippy or worn finish you actually pay homage to its age and beauty.

Victorian. If you love mixing everything together with little rules, the "more is better" style of the Victorians may be just for you! The Industrial Revolution created many quick millionaires with little taste and lots of money for travel, collecting and acquisitions of every sort. Anything ornate will work! Collect a few antiques, and fill in with lots of photos, statuary, and florals. Lush and ornate fabrics and wallpapers, especially in deep, rich jewel tones, are the order of the day. Here's your chance to use satin, velvet and needlepoint, as well as animal prints for a fun & kitschy style that doesn't have to take itself too seriously. You are encouraged to cover every table top, shelf and mantel with as many trinkets as possible!

Craftsman/Arts & Crafts is the period following the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras. Arts & Crafts style is about squares and rectangles, order and simplicity, and all-natural materials. The movement sought to abolish the mass-produced and cheaply made by putting true craftsmen to work using materials produced locally. The secret to this style is using colors and hues found in nature, and in matte finishes. Craftsman style loves wood floors that aren't too hidden by rugs. Avoid any type of clutter.

Vintage Modern If you love the clean lines of Scandinavian furniture and mid-century modernity then you find comfort in vintage modern. By combining eclectic pieces - an antique farm table with modern chairs - you embrace the past while looking forward to how technology allows our homes to evolve. You can afford to be a bit edgy in a vintage modern room.