1. Clermont Arbor, Large

Clermont Arbor, Large

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Simple garden arbor adds a focal point while providing support for climbing vines
Part Number: 104-ARB-14

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What lies beyond? The CLERMONT large wrought iron arbor creates a lush passageway when planted with climbing roses, other vining flowers, or even a fun entry to your veggie garden. 

Treat yourself to fun visual appeal as well as enjoying the easy way to pick cucumbers by planting them vertically on a trellis or arbor. The plants are much less susceptible to mildew and other soil-borne pests. Enjoy an abundant crop this year from just 4 plants with this growing method.

114-1/2" tall for generous head room to walk through it.

82W x 114-1/2H x 30D
65 lb.

Handmade. 90 day warranty.

Four staked spikes are included for in-ground installation; optional feet (shown below) are available for use on patios and other hard surfaces. Sold in pairs.