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Classic Arch with Coal Fire
Classic Arch with Coal Fire

Classic Arch Gas Fireplace

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Small gas fireplace with London style arched cast iron front
Part Number: 224

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classic arch gas fireplaceThe CLASSIC ARCH gas fireplace is designed to fit into very small spaces and offers a true London style. The highly detailed cast iron front adds the appeal of classic modern style to your home while providing a powerful source of heat. A hand-held thermostat remote control keeps the room comfortable by modulating the flame to maintain a consistent warmth, rather than turning the burner on & off, a feature offering greater efficiency than other fireplaces on the market. Set back from the Windsor's cast front so it's unobtrusive, the glass window prevents your warm air from being exhausted out of the chimney, keeping the room cozy. Included is a safety screen to keep little hands from touching the glass. Direct vent technology uses double wall pipe; the outer chamber brings in combustion air from outdoors, while the inner chamber exhausts the fumes. This offers the ultimate in fireplace efficiency and safety.
BTU input
6,000 to 20,500 | Efficiency:  74.4%-76.9% | Approval: CSA

  • The Classic Arch gas fireplace its very small spaces - install a fireplace in virtually any room
  • Select coal, stone or log effect gas fires.
  • Electronic ignition means there's no standing pilot.
  • Direct Vent technology with ceramic glass window; child guard safety screen included keeps little hands from touching the glass
  • Reversible interior panels provide your choice of aged brick or black fluted firebox style
  • Multifunctional hand held remote control: adjust flame height, adjust heat output, set a timer to cut your fire on just before you get home from work - a true welcome home!
  • Ignition is achieved electronically using a 9V battery, eliminating the need for a standing pilot
  • Complies with California and New York energy codes; also approved in Massachusetts.
  • Direct vent technology uses a double wall pipe system.



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