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Is it time to replace that old prefabricated fireplace?

Learn about the primary safety concerns with old wood burning prefabricated fireplaces
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How to Hire a Chimney Sweep

We don't hire out as chimney sweeps any more, so here's some advice on how to find the right company to take care of your chimney cleaning.
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Smoke stains on the outside of your fireplace are proof of a smoking problem. This is a primary safety concern because soot stains are CARBON particles. If you have soot stains inside your home, you have  also had CARBON MONOXIDE fumes in your home.
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Understanding Pilot Lights on Gas Fireplaces

Has a pilot light become obsolete on gas fireplace products?
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The Problem with Floating Hearths in Historic Homes

Historic homes were not built like they are today, with a solid masonry base below. Over time the weight of the hearth combined with the house settling over the decades can lead to serious fire safety issues.
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Understanding Gas Efficiency: Gas Logs vs. Gas Inserts

Confused about the difference in gas logs versus gas inserts? Vented gas logs are just a pretty fire that provide little to no real heat gain while a gas insert can use your fireplace to heat your house! Learn more.
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