Where Can I Put a Propane Tank?

Posted by on 11/17/2017 to Tech

Making the Windsor Arch work when a brick fireplace is too tall

Posted by on 11/7/2017
How to make a brick fireplace work with the Windsor Arch gas insert

Can I convert my wood stove to burn gas?

Posted by on 11/6/2017
Here's the reason you CANNOT convert your wood stove to burn gas.

About Vent-Free Gas Appliances

Posted by Karen on 11/6/2017 to Tech
Why a vent-free gas appliance is a bad idea in an unlined chimney

Looking for a Chimney Sweep?

Posted by on 11/3/2017
Here's our highest recommendation for a chimney sweep in the Richmond, VA area.

Cleaning & Restoring Antique Fireplace Accessories

Posted by on 8/24/2017 to Decor
I've found some great old antique fireplace accessories, now how do I clean and restore them?

Victorian Housemaids and their Fireplace Duties

Posted by on 3/22/2017 to News
Before central heating, all rooms were warmed with a fireplace or, in the latter part of the Victorian era, with wood or coal stoves. So who kept all those fires going? 

Install a fireplace any where!

Posted by Karen Duke on 1/28/2017 to Tech
How do you fit a fireplace into a room that's just 12' x 12'?

Choose a small model and mount it farther up the wall! Here's how we did it.


Creating a "Vintage" Tile Fireplace Surround

Posted by Karen Duke on 12/31/2016 to Projects
Creating a
Laying tile on a fireplace wall - especially an old fireplace that isn't flat and level - can be a challenge. Let us share our secret method with you.Save

Versatile Direct Vent Options

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Versatile Direct Vent Options
co-axial direct vent pipe
Direct vent stoves and fireplaces offer versatile venting options for a fire in nearly any room

Cleaning Soot Stains From Brick

Posted by on 10/17/2016 to News
Cleaning Soot Stains From Brick
How to clean soot stains from brick (and how to prevent that soot from happening again!)