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BEACON Dining Table with Built In Gas Fire Pit

Your Price: $2,549.00
Sleek metal outdoor dining table with a gas fire pit built in the center, features 48" round granite-look cast tabletop
Part Number: BEACON

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The BEACON is an outdoor dining table designed to fit smaller outdoor spaces. For an intimate evening by the fire with friends or family, what could be better than a dining table with a built-in gas fire pit? A gas firetable is the perfect solution for city homes where outdoor space is limited; you get a fire pit and dining table all in one. Matching chairs available to complete your outdoor room setup.
The round top is made of a material called Supercast that looks like granite, however, it's lighter in weight, more durable for easy care and cleanup. The table base is a durable powder-coated brown steel, and is large enough to house a 5 gallon propane tank. f your home has Natural Gas then consider extending a gas line to it from the house. Natural Gas may cost 1/10th as much to operate and there's never a need to go fill a portable tank. It's always ready to turn on when cool evening air arrives.

We probably should remind you that this Firetable is designed for outdoor use only
  • Tabletop is 48" - big enough to seat 4 people comfortably

    29.5" overall height, the perfect height for dining chairs
  • Comes with manual ignition system with battery operated sparker, but also available with direct spark ignition
  • Features a 20" diameter crystal fire burner
  • Matching hard shell burner cover is INCLUDED
  • Base holds a 5 gallon propane tank, disguised with an access door
  • Weighs 240 lbs
  • BTU: 55,000
  • Standard match light ignition; optional Remote Control with Direct Spark Ignition also available
  • We include LAVA GRANULES - other media is available (we don't recommend logs on this burner because shorter people can't see over them)
  • If you live in a windy area or the table will be used in an area that's exposed to prevailing wind then we recommend you add a GLASS WIND GUARD to keep the flame from blowing too close to diners' faces.
  • WARRANTY:  Finish warranty is 3 years, Components Warranty is 1 year

Remember, this firetable weighs 240 lbs and you'll need at least 2-3 people on hand to TAKE DELIVERY of it and to MOVE IT in place. The freight carrier will call you to arrange a delivery time and date so please be ready for them with adequate help on hand!


Fabric Cover
Tumbled Lava Stones
Glass (2 bags) $98
Aquamarine, Amber, Clear,
Onyx, Ruby

Tempered Glass Wind 
Guard 12" x 42"
Swivel Chairs
$699 / Pair

1 Pair of 2
Swivel Rocking Chairs
$1499 / Pair


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