gas log serviceDid you know that about 99% of gas fireplace service problems can be avoided by simply having your gas hearth appliance cleaned and tuned up?

The flames on your gas fireplace are produced by tiny jets of gas in the burner tube that erupt from small pin holes. Over the warm months - especially on open gas logs - dust and dust mites can clog these little openings resulting in a dirty flame or, worse yet, the flames not being able to come through at all. Cleaning the gas burner is the minimum job that should be done annually on your gas logs or gas fireplace/insert. Once a gas hearth appliance begins burning dirty, it produces soot on other parts that will prevent them from doing their job of lighting easily and staying lit.

Like other appliances, a simple cleaning and tune-up will keep your fireplace burning brightly and operating at peak efficiency. Gas logs, gas fireplaces and gas inserts share many common components which should be checked annually and cleaned as needed.  When we're available in the fall or winter it's not uncommon to wait a month for service. So call us in the spring when we can easily work within YOUR schedule.


Gas Log Service $189


Always wished you had a remote control?

If your gas log set or gas insert has a millivolt control system then it's easy to add a hand-held remote control for an average price of $99 to $159. If we're already at your house to perform service then there's no additional labor cost to install one on your compatible system

  • Check and clean pilot assembly
  • Check and clean main burner and burner ports, tweak air adjustment
  • Inspect/clean venturi
  • Adjust pilot light for proper color and height
  • Check Igniter
  • Check for sooting and clean as needed
  • Test millivolt, electric system
  • Verify valve wiring
  • Check continuity on controlling devices
  • Inspect louvers and clean as needed
  • Blower cleaning
  • Check for proper on-off switch/thermostat operation
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Ensure proper safety switch operation
  • Check for flue spillage when applicatable
  • Check glass or door gaskets
  • Clean glass
  • Check log condition
  • Replace glowing embers, lava rock, sand or vermiculite as needed
  • Replace batteries in remote control system (receiver and handset)
  • Check clearances to combustibles
  • Inspect for leaks in accessible fittings and check for proper installation
Painting the fireplace black is available for an additional charge. A gas fire is much more dramatic against a black background.