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Tiny Log set
Tiny Log set

Tiny 12" Gas Log Set

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These Gas Logs fit fireplaces just 12" wide!
Part Number: 348

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If you have a small coal burning size fireplace yet want a log effect fire, this little gas log set is the perfect choice! 

With the bottom mounted controls, you can fit this tiny log set into a fireplace only 12" wide and 7-3/4" deep!

Since the controls will be visible if used alone, consider using a coal basket or fret to hide them.

Minimum Fireplace Dimensions:
12" front width
10" rear width (at a depth of 7-3/4")
15" Height

Gas Input: 25,000 BTU's
Available in Natural or LP Gas

This is a DECORATIVE gas fire and will not provide substantial heat but it is a charming way to bring your small old coal or woodburning fireplace back to life!


Vented gas logs can only be installed into a functional fireplace with a chimney in good operating order. The chimney must be lined to be suitable for use with gas logs. If the chimney smokes when you burn wood, then please be aware that vented gas logs are not a suitable choice, as this could bring fumes (including carbon monoxide) and soot into your home. Please address any fireplace or chimney issues before installing vented gas logs!


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