Expert tip: Paint the Fireplace Black

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Expert tip: Paint the Fireplace Black
Expert tip on how and why to paint a fireplace black

1911 Building Code

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1911 Building codes specified that chimney liners shall be used, but other specifications offer unsound advice. Get a link to the code and some further information from us.

Where Can I Put a Propane Tank?

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About Vent-Free Gas Appliances

Posted by Karen on 11/6/2017 to Tech
Why a vent-free gas appliance is a bad idea in an unlined chimney

Install a fireplace any where!

Posted by Karen Duke on 1/28/2017 to Tech
How do you fit a fireplace into a room that's just 12' x 12'?

Choose a small model and mount it farther up the wall! Here's how we did it.


Versatile Direct Vent Options

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Versatile Direct Vent Options
co-axial direct vent pipe
Direct vent stoves and fireplaces offer versatile venting options for a fire in nearly any room