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Slate Fireplace Surrounds

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Restore or renovate your fireplace with slate facing in pre-cut or custom sizes
Part Number: 2628

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We find natural cleft slate to be an ideal answer to renovating or restoring a vintage fireplace. It's a natural material that was in use when historic homes were built so it's appropriate in many restoration projects. It's inexpensive compared to other materials, it's a timeless material that will never go out of fashion. Plus, slate looks great with cast iron.

We offer single pieces of slate, such as just a slate hearth, or we offer slate facing kits that include the header, 2 legs and hearth. All slate is 1/2" thick. 

This may be complicated for you to figure out on your own so we invite your to call or email us to help you determine what's needed for your project.

* While slate MATERIAL is inexpensive, it's not cheap to package or ship it. It has to be carefully crated to avoid damage. A $75 crating charge is built into every order as is the shipping. Slate will arrive to you in the crate via freight truck, so make sure and have at least 2 strong people on hand to take delivery
* The supplier will cut the slate to your exact dimensions for $30
* When cutting a hearth you'll want the long cut edge polished, which is $50
* While it's tempting to try and fit the slate inside of an existing mantel, you'll get a nicer look if you either remove the mantel and have it OVERLAP THE SLATE, or fit it inside the mantel then add wood trim to cover the edge. If the mantel will overlap the slate then make sure you order slate pieces that are LARGER THAN YOUR MANTEL'S INSIDE OPENING.
* Keep in mind that small fireplaces may be able to use a header for a hearth, thus saving money on your project. 
* Micore board as an underlayment for the hearth is available, as is F-26 construction adhesive
* Most orders ship within 10 days