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SOLD-Mirus Antique French Wood Stove

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Part Number: SOLD-2551


You'll likely not have the opportunity again to own a stove like this! This is MIRUS "Courant", a tiny little 1920's vintage French wood stove and it's pretty much in perfect condition. No burned out metal and the brown enamel finish, save one tiny chip on a top corner, is immaculate. Measures just 18" wide, 21" tall to the center top, 9" deep at the legs. Ideal to set on a hearth in front of a coal burning fireplace. The flue outlet is 3" diameter and the top of the flue outlet is 16-1/2" off the floor. It will take a log about 6" diameter and 16" long. 

The top is removable, revealing a flat surface that can be used to place a kettle or cook pot on top.

While this antique stove is fully functional, we can't sell it as such because it hasn't been certified by modern standards pertaining to emissions, etc. We must recommend that you purchase it as a decorative item.

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