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Charred Evergreen Log Set
Charred Evergreen Log Set

Radiant Fyre Deluxe Vented Gas Logs in 18", 24" & 30" Sizes

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Vented gas logs with higher flame, more heat output, electronic ignition and variable flame height
Part Number: G52

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This new gas log set from RH Peterson is exactly what we've been wanting for several years  because of its list of luxury features
  • The legs on the grate sit closer to the floor of the fireplace, placing the logs closer to the fire. This provides a better glow on the ceramic logs and more heat transferred to the room
  • There is a stainless steel "booster grid" which acts as a catalyst to burn the gas more efficiently. This results in a more intense fire and less soot creation
  • The controls are hidden under the burner and the battery pack is encased discreetly designed wood finish box
  • The new ceramic logs (they are as heavy as concrete) are enhanced with a unique fiber that makes the logs extremely realistic, burning with a fabulous glow once they are heated up for a few minutes
  • The burner is tapered in the back, so gas (and flames) are concentrated in the middle of the log set to produce a flame that's very tall
This log set is offered with a variety of controls. However, the real reason to choose this log set over any other is because it's available with an upgraded electronic variable remote control, which is the only way we offer it. Buying them with a manual valve would be like buying a luxury car with manual windows.
  • Electronic ignition means there's no standing pilot; a burning pilot can cost $20 or so per month while it sits there waiting for you to turn the flame on
  • Variable flame feature means you can turn the flame up and down with your remote; if the fire is too bright when the lights are off and you're watching a scary movie, turn the flame down for a darker room. Turning the flame down means you're also using LESS GAS
Two Sizes: 18/20" set and 24/30" set. 

18/20" LOG SET requires at least 28" front width, 15" depth (33,000 to 46,000 btu)
24/30" LOG SET requires at least 34" front width, 15" depth. (37,000 to 55,000 btu)

Choose from 4 log styles

Colonial OakEvergreen

Split EvergreenBurnt Aspen

Vented gas logs will not produce substantial heat. Vented gas logs rated as a DECORATIVE appliance. Because your fireplace damper must be either removed or permanently cracked open, the heat produced will be drawn up the chimney, just like it is when burning wood in an open fireplace. For this reason we highly recommend you install glass doors to help stop heat loss up the chimney when the logs are not turned on.

Vented gas logs are designed to simulate wood burning in a fireplace while providing exceptional convenience: no wood to tote, no ashes to clean; instant fire at the turn of a button.

NOTE: Vented gas logs can only be installed into a functional fireplace with a chimney in good operating order. The chimney must be lined to be suitable for use with gas logs. If the chimney smokes when you burn wood, then please be aware that vented gas logs are not a suitable choice, as this could bring fumes (including carbon monoxide) and soot into your home. Please address any fireplace or chimney performance issues before installing vented gas logs!

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