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President Freestanding
President Freestanding

President Freestanding Gas Stove

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Q&A HOW DO I SPECIFY TOP OR REAR VENT? The vent is reversible. It arrives with rear venting configuration but can be changed to top vent.

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The President is a Colonial style freestanding gas parlor stove that looks just like a real coal or log fire. Compact size offers generous heat output. Includes remote control with built-in thermostat that keeps the room comfortable by modulating the flame to maintain a consistent warmth offering greater efficiency than models that merely turn the burner on and off. BTU input: 6,000 to 20,500 | Efficiency:  74.4%-76.9% | Approval: CSA

  • Select coal, stone or log effect gas fires which are also effective and adjustable sources of radiant heat. Electronic ignition means there's no standing pilot.
  • Direct Vent technology with ceramic glass window; child guard safety screen included keeps little hands from touching the glass
  • Top or Rear Venting for ultimate versatility of installation ; terminate the vent through the wall or through the roof. This model ships with a reversible flue collar to customize the unit on site. 
  • Price includes horizontal vent kit through the wall; other venting kits also available.

Installation Options
This model may be rear vented and terminate horizontally through the wall; may also be top vented, with the vent pipe terminating either horizontally or vertically. For installations using a vertical pipe run, the venting system is limited to 40' -see installation manual for further details. May also be used as a hearth stove which means the stove sits on the fireplace hearth, and is vented through the fireplace chimney using co-linear venting - two 3" diameter liners extend up through the chimney.
Direct vent (coaxial) pipe is a double wall system. Outdoor air enters through the outer chamber to provide combustion air, while fumes exhaust through the inner chamber.                


Cast Iron Stove Body  Side View & ClearancesCorner Installation
24-1/2W x 28H x 14-1/2D36" to ceiling above1-1/4" from corner of stove to 

36" clearance from frontcombustible wall


Installation Manual


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