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Opti V Duet Built-in Electric Fireplace

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Your Price: $4,299.00
Built-in electric fireplace uses video technology for the ultimate in realism
Part Number: 45

Opti-V DUET  The ultimate in electric fireplace technology! Uses a combination of a real fire video with three-dimensional logs embedded with LED lights that flicker and glow. The fire is so random that it doesn't repeat for a full hour. Watch it sparkle and even hear the logs crackle!

MEASURES 54-1/4W x 17-3/4H x 13-5/8D

This model does NOT include a heater. It is designed for new construction projects and must be hardwired in. There are no hot surfaces, just a mesmerizing flame that will create the perfect ambience in any setting. Includes remote control.

IDEAL FOR COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS such as restaurants and lobbies. No heater. Must be direct wired to 120/240v circuit.




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