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Opti-Myst Pro 19-1/2" Insert

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It's not Gas. It's Better.
IT'S ELECTRIC with flames and "smoke"
created with WATER!


Using a revolutionary ultrasonic technology allows the creation of the incredibly life-like flame and smoke effect of the OptiMyst Pro Insert. As the mist rises up through the logs, the light reflects against the water molecules creating a convincing illusion of flames and smoke. The result is an appearance so authentic it will be mistaken for a true wood-burning fireplace.

This patented unique electric insert is small enough to fit in many old coal burning fireplaces for a clean and safe conversion to an electric fire and heats approximately 400 sq. ft. with clean and safe electric heat.

The OptiMyst Pro has flanges to make it easy to frame in with a mantel or surround.

  • 19-1/4" wide, 10-1/4" deep, 27-5/8" tall (fits most small old coal fireplaces)
  • LED lighting
  • Hand-held Remote control
  • 1400 watt heater heats about 400 sq. ft.
  • Water reservoir refills from the top and provides 14-17 hours of use before refilling
  • VERSATILE INSTALLATION. Slide into an existing fireplace, or build into a cabinet or wall where you'd like to have a fireplace.
  • Fits perfectly into many old coal fireplaces.
  • Can be used with our cast iron surrounds
  • COAL OPTION - we'll send you the coal to glue to a metal top plate for $229 or for $299 we'll put it on, applied with black silicone adhesive - see order details above

* This narrow little electric fireplace is popular in the UK, but because other American fireplace stores don't cater to the small fireplace market like we do, it's not been a big seller for the manufacturer at any other retailer but us. This has led the manufacturer to stop importing them into North America and we secured the last ones available.  Act soon while supplies last!

Shown with WINDSOR cast iron front,
we have more choices too!


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