Mantel Shelves

A MANTEL SHELF is often the very best choice when adding a mantel to an existing fireplace.

For example, if you home has a brick or stone wall, it's nearly impossible to find a pre-made full mantel with legs that will fit it properly and look presentable. However, mantel shelves are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Mantel shelf placement then becomes a matter of personal preference. It can be either slightly wider than the fireplace opening, or it can span the entire width of the masonry wall - or anywhere in between.

Installing a mantel shelf - as opposed to a full mantel with legs - can open up a full range of decorating possibilities.

And these shelves aren't just for use above fireplaces! There are a wide range of sizes to use for shelving in any room. How about a wide shelf to use in place of a headboard?

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Abingdon Shelf in 3 sizes
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Aubourne Shelf - 60in & 72in
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Industrial Steel Mantel Shelf
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