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L2 Linear 50" Wide Linear Fireplace

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Part Number: 1700J-2

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50" Linear Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Linear gas fireplaces were designed to mount higher on the wall to appeal to today's modern design aesthetic. No hearth is required and mantels are generally not part of the design. It's really all about the fire, and the L2 is just the right choice!. Select from a wide array of designer features; design your room around your fireplace, or design your fireplace to complement your room's decor. 

The L2 is really ALL ABOUT the fire! Minimalist trim styles don't detract from the main feature. It's engineered to produce lively flames with the greatest visual depth with fire erupting more randomly than other models on the market that are content with a straight and boring line of fire. The soothing flickering flames perfectly accentuate your choice of fire elements - traditional logs, rocks and shale, driftwood or glass.

This isn't just another pretty fireplace - it's designed to heat cleanly and efficiently. Your new fireplace comes with a hand-held remote control that features a built-in thermostat. Set your desired room temperature and the thermostat checks the room every few minutes, modulating the fire height to adjust the room temperature. The fireplace valve operates via batteries so NO ELECTRICITY IS REQUIRED! This means that should your power go out, your fireplace still works to help heat your home.

  • BTU: Natural Gas 19,000-36,000 / LP Gas 21,000-34,000 (heats 1200-2400 sq ft in most homes)
  • HEAT SHIFT SYSTEM available to share heat with other rooms, or to divert heat away from a wall mount television
  • ADJUSTABLE FLAME controls the amount of heat; thermostat controls automatically raise or lower the flame to either increase or decrease the amount of heat produced, unlike many fireplaces on the market that turn the flame on and off to control heat
  • Electronic ignition - no standing pilot for gas savings (battery operated)
  • Direct vent technology uses a double wall pipe system that offers a multitude of versatile venting options (we include a straight-out vent kit in the price; other configurations also available
  • Multi-function remote control adjusts the flame height, monitors room temperature and even offers timer settings
  • Choice of fire media: Driftwood Logs, Rock & Shale, Split Wood or Murano glass
  • Choice of inner firebox styles and outer trims
  • Includes barrier screen to keep little hands from touching the hot glass
  • Approved for OUTDOOR USE (so long as there's a roof above it)
  • CSA Safety Approval
  • This model is available in Virginia only

Venting Options: 

The venting can exit the top or rear of the  fireplace. Using Dura Vent 6-5/8OD double wall pipe, venting can go straight out horizontally, up then out a horizontal wall, or vent vertically through the roof. Up to two pairs of elbows are allowed (as pictured left). Maximum vertical venting height is 40'. 

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Venting Configurations

Horizontal Venting Allowances

Framing Specs



New Cell
Decorative Glass

Murano Glass
Rock & Shale

Split Wood


Fluted BlackReflective GlassPlain Black
Stacked Stone


1" Black #1775LFB

5-1/4" Black #1750LSBV2  $3005-1/4" Bronze #1750LSZV2  $3005-1/4" Nickel #1750LSBPV2  $900


Fan Kit #1595CFK

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