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  • Andirons Andirons
    Andirons for wood burning fireplaces and andirons designed for use with gas logs
  • Antiques Antiques
    Antique Fireplace Items
  • Ash Buckets Ash Buckets
    Ash buckets for storing fireplace or wood stove ashes
  • Blow Pokes Blow Pokes
    A blow poke is the most handy tool to keep by your fireplace or wood stove to stoke and hasten the fire
  • Fireplace Covers Fireplace Covers
    Stamped tin fireplace covers block off your fireplace when it's not in use.
  • Fireplace Damper Fireplace Damper
    Top mount fireplace dampers
  • Frets Frets
    Frets for small coal fireplaces
  • Glass Fireplace Doors Glass Fireplace Doors
    Glass fireplace doors not only provide a decorative accent, they close off air leaks up the chimney and can save hundreds in wasted energy dollars every year.