FIREPLACE ACCESSORIES specially chosen by your fireplace experts

selection of fireplace accessoriesWith over 3 decades in the fireplace business, we've sold - and used ourselves - a huge variety of fireplace accessories. Frankly, there's a lot of junk out there that we just don't feel good about selling. When it comes to burning wood, only use the best accessories. They will last you longer, work better, improve safety and increase your enjoyment as you relax by the fire.

When it comes to items to fit very small fireplaces or specialized styles, selection is considerably more limited. Some of our fireplace accessories have been great sellers for many years, and some are brand new offerings. Every item has been selected on its merits to provide you long and lasting service in tending your fire and adorning your fireplace.

AndironsAntiquesAsh BucketsBlow PokesBoot Scrapers

Cast Iron Surrounds
Fireplace Covers
Fireplace Dampers

Glass DoorsGrates
Mantel Scarves
Tool Sets

  • Andirons
    Andirons for wood burning fireplaces and andirons designed for use with gas logs
  • Antiques
    Antique Fireplace Items
  • Ash Buckets
    Ash buckets for storing fireplace or wood stove ashes