Electric Fires

Electric fireplaces, inserts & freestanding stoves meet the special challenges for folks living in historic homes, apartments and other settings where an electric fire meets the need for a flickering flame and extra warmth

WHY AN ELECTRIC FIRE?  Electric fireplaces require no venting, no gas lines, no technical expertise. Just unbox your electric fireplace, plug it in and enjoy! We offer a great selection of freestanding electric stoves, electric fireplaces with mantels, wall mount electric fireplaces and inserts that retrofit into an existing fireplace.

GOES ANY WHERE!  Old, disabled chimneys are not a problem with electric fireplace inserts. No venting is required - installation literally is as easy as plugging in a television. Unlike vent-free gas fires, electric fires have NO FUMES.  Add the charm of a fireplace, stove or wall mount fire in any room!

Electric fires require no special preparaton to install and use. Simply plug into any household electric outlet and enjoy clean, efficient heat in any room. Costs 1-4 cents an hour to operate without the heater, 6-8 cents hourly with the heater in operation. Many manufacturers are even offering LED lighting that provide years and years of service without ever changing a light bulb.


DANCING FLAMES offer a realistic fire ambience. The dancing flame provides a warm, soothing glow in any room. Enjoy a "fire" any time of year - turn on the heater in winter, use on "flame only" setting in the summer. An electric fire is an excellent zone heater that's capable of heating about 400 square feet.

One for EVERY ROOM The powder room at our store is a bit chilly, so we added an electric fireplace in there, too. Where could you use some extra heat this winter?

HEATS GREAT Electric fires provide enough heat (4500-5000 btu average) to serve as the sole source of heat for a room size of about 400 square feet. They're great for sun porches that lack central heat, or any room that's just a bit chilly. Great as a zone heater - turn down your central heating thermostat then turn on the electric fire in the family room, den, bedroom - anywhere you find yourself cozying up on a chilly day.

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