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Desert Tile in Matte Finish - 2 Sizes

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Desert sands blend in neutral beige shades in this reproduction fireplace tile
Part Number: FH-336

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This is a nice neutral beige that's made especially appealing with varying color shades. A simple way to lighten up a dark and dreary fireplace. Choose from 1-1/2" x 6" Quarter Tile or 2" x 4" Subway Tile. There is a variation in colors & size; these "irregularities" are part of the "wabi-sabi" design technique and should not be considered an imperfection in the tile. These tiles look best when installed with no grout, just as they were installed 100 years ago.

These hand made tiles are $6 each

For help in planning, there are
16 (1-1/2" x 6") tiles per square foot  
18 (2" x 4") tiles per square foot