1. Decorative Vermiculite
Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea

Decorative Vermiculite

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Decorative vermiculite for accenting vented decorative gas fires
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Decorative Vermiculite is used on VENTED gas logs.
Vermiculite is used instead of sand on LP gas burners. You can also mix vermiculite SPARINGLY with rock wool or burning embers on natural gas logs.
**Vermiculite is used in the burner pan on our VICTOR GAS COAL BURNER**

  • On VENTED LP GAS LOGS place the vermiculite on top of the burner; vermiculite dissipates the flames. DO NOT USE ON VENT-FREE (UNVENTED) GAS APPLIANCES.
One package can cover a 24" gas log set or typical 36" direct vent fireplace
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Adriatic Sea
Black Sea
Coral Sea
Labrador Sea

Labrador Sea

Directions: Please remove old decorative material in a COLD Gas log/Fireplace set. Open kit bag and place in front of the fire grate. This is for decorative purposes ONLY. Made from high temperature fibers, colors and binders.

Warning: Please follow directions of the Vented Gas log & Fireplace manufacturer. In case of Fireplaces, DO NOT put ‘Enhance a Fire’ kits on top of the burner or pilot. Improper placement of embers may result in high CO emissions, poor ignition and sooting. Poor combustion can even be fatal. DO NOT use for Vent Free Log Sets unless directed by Manufacturer


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