Gas Coal Fireplace Update

Posted by on 11/13/2018 to Decor
Here's how we updated an old coal basket with a gas coal burner featuring a remote control

Restoring a Bedroom Fireplace

Posted by Karen Duke on 9/1/2018 to Tech
Who wants to lug wood up the stairs or tote ashes down? We're often asked about installing or renovating fireplaces in bedrooms so they can burn gas. It is a controversial issue as building inspectors sometimes don't like the idea due to safety concerns.

Vintage Decor: Define Your Style

Posted by Karen Duke on 12/14/2017 to Decor
Vintage Decor: Define Your Style
Luckily, there are many different directions you can take with home decor to personalize your own vintage style. 

Cleaning & Restoring Antique Fireplace Accessories

Posted by on 8/24/2017 to Decor
I've found some great old antique fireplace accessories, now how do I clean and restore them?

Victorian Housemaids and their Fireplace Duties

Posted by on 3/22/2017 to News
Before central heating, all rooms were warmed with a fireplace or, in the latter part of the Victorian era, with wood or coal stoves. So who kept all those fires going? 

Install a fireplace any where!

Posted by Karen Duke on 1/28/2017 to Tech
How do you fit a fireplace into a room that's just 12' x 12'?

Choose a small model and mount it farther up the wall! Here's how we did it.


Aldine Style Fireplaces

Posted by on 10/7/2016 to Decor
In many turn of the century homes it's common to see a coal fireplace with a door that's an open grate. Usually this was never a proper fireplace but was a passive heating system that made use of the hot vented air from a downstairs fireplace.