Vintage Decor: Define Your Style

Posted by Karen Duke on 12/14/2017 to Decor
Vintage Decor: Define Your Style
Luckily, there are many different directions you can take with home decor to personalize your own vintage style. 

Cleaning & Restoring Antique Fireplace Accessories

Posted by on 8/24/2017 to Decor
I've found some great old antique fireplace accessories, now how do I clean and restore them?

Victorian Housemaids and their Fireplace Duties

Posted by on 3/22/2017 to News
Before central heating, all rooms were warmed with a fireplace or, in the latter part of the Victorian era, with wood or coal stoves. So who kept all those fires going? 

Install a fireplace any where!

Posted by Karen Duke on 1/28/2017 to Tech
How do you fit a fireplace into a room that's just 12' x 12'?

Choose a small model and mount it farther up the wall! Here's how we did it.


Aldine Style Fireplaces

Posted by on 10/7/2016 to Decor
In many turn of the century homes it's common to see a coal fireplace with a door that's an open grate. Usually this was never a proper fireplace but was a passive heating system that made use of the hot vented air from a downstairs fireplace.