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Cornwall (flat on back)

Your Price: $999.00
Cornwall cast iron fireplace surround can reface a coal fireplace or can be used to create a faux or electric fireplace
Part Number: 82

The CORNWALL Cast Iron Surround is flat on the back, making it easy to use with existing fireplaces.

Matte black with polished highlights. This model does not offer a firebox, fret or ash cover.

38" wide, 38" high.
Opening is 16" wide, 24" tall.

When you install this surround on an existing masonry fireplace you might consider completing your renovation by converting to gas with the Victor gas coal burner

Can also be combined with the Portrait electric insert, either inserted into an existing fireplace or when creating a faux fireplace.

The back plate is sized so that our small mantels will overlap it.


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