Blow Pokes

Fireplace Blow Poke
2 tools in 1

* Use it as a poker to prod a fire.
* Blow through the specially designed mouthpiece to use as a bellows to fan a spark into a flame!

Also known as a Fire Dragon, the long length poker keeps you at a good distance from the firebox as you stoke the flames for safer fire tending. Includes mounting hook to keep your blow poke close to the hearth for easy access.

A great decorative accent, blow pokes are our most popular gift item. Available in brass, black and other finishes and styles shown below.

“To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything else in the world.”  Charles Dudley Warner

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Virginia Brass Blow Poke
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Huntsman Collapsible Brass Blow Poke
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Contemporary Black Blow Poke
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Contemporary Brass Blowpoke
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Hammer Head Blow Poke
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Bouffadou Blowpipe
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