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Antique ""Diablo"" Mantel

Your Price: $3,198.00
Antique tiger oak mantel with devil faces
Part Number: 637

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We've seen a lot of old fireplaces in a lot of old homes, but never have we seen a mantel remotely similar to this one. Tall firebox opening, plain yet elegant design. THEN you focus in on these diabolical faces above each leg, and the mystery deepens. We fancy it may have arrived by ship with a traveller from the Caribbean, but honestly have no idea of its origin. It was salvaged from an 1880's home in Petersburg, Virginia and appears to be made of mahogany. We see 2 coats of paint, and appears this would be easy to refinish. Sold "as is" for lovers of the very shabby chic. 

Outside Width 57-1/2"
Height 69-1/4
Opening 41-1/2"W x 47-1/2H
Shelf Depth 9-1/4"
Outside depth at leg 8-1/2"

As this mantel would have to be crated and ship fully assembled, it's available as STORE PICKUP ONLY


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