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Antique Boat Stove

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Your Price: $999.00
Antique soapstone coal stove
Part Number: 21

Here's a very unique, very tiny antique wood or coal stove made for use on a sailboat. It's made of soapstone and brass and is very heavy for its diminutive size. The flue outlet is located on the top, where you have a small surface to set a tea kettle.

10" wide, 10" deep, 23" tall (24" to top of the rail).

You load the fuel in the big brass door on the front and remove ashes from the little door at the bottom.

Guaranteed to keep you warm on your whaling adventures in the North Atlantic, but it would easily fit into most little coal burning fireplaces.

Requires custom crated pallet to ship so add $225 if you want it shipped to you. Otherwise it's available for pick it up from our store.



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