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25" Multi-Fire XD

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This 25" electric fireplace or insert has a vast array of advanced technological features for a nicer flame and more heat
Part Number: 123

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This electric fireplace features technology with a truly dazzling flame effect! And it doesn't just LOOK great, it offers exceptional heating capability. Cuts on or off by thermostat, remote control or WITH A WAVE OF YOUR HAND!  Make sure to watch the video above!

Use this firebox as a built-in fireplace or install it into an existing fireplace.

  • Choice of logs or glass flame effect
  • Change the flame effect speed, colors and brightness to go from moody and hypnotic to pulsing & vibrant
  • Ceramic heating system uses 11% less energy than quartz infrared heaters by automatically adjusting wattage and fan speed to precisely match the heating needs in your room
  • gWave technology built right in; customize the setting and simply wave your hand to turn it on and off
  • Remote control included with multi-function capabilities
  • Heat Boost feature quickly warms the room by beginning at max heat output for pre-determined time
  • Eco Mode reduces energy consumption by 33% by limiting heat output to 750W



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