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21" Grate Heater Electric Logs with Heat

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Your Price: $229.00
Part Number: 2514
This is one of the least expensive ways to convert your fireplace to clean and safe electric heat. Simply slide into your fireplace, plug it in and turn it on! Hint: if you want to be able to burn wood any time you need or want to, you just remove it, open your fireplace damper and you're back in the wood burning mode.

We like this model because it's small, inexpensive, light weight and uses LED bulbs. It costs almost nothing to burn it without the heat when you just want some ambience; when using the heater it costs about 5 to 8 cents an hour. This is an easy solution for adding supplemental heat to a small to medium size room (up to 400 sq. ft.)

You keep the look of your open fireplace with no trim needed to close it off. The LED lights reflect a moving flame effect on the back wall of your fireplace for added realism. As shown at right, an electric fire is the PERFECT addition to a bedroom!
  • Measures 20-1/2W, 8-2/3" D, 12H (fits small fireplaces)
  • Weighs 13.64 lbs.
  • Plugs into standard 3 prong wall outlet (there's usually one near your fireplace)
  • Includes remote control - turn it on or off from your chair

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