16" Manchester Tiny Electric Stove

16" Manchester Tiny Electric Stove

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We're thrilled to offer this very small electric stove as it fits nicely into most small coal burning size fireplaces and period style details, too: old-fashioned feet, side columns and a vintage style door. No hot surfaces - the heat comes from a blower mounted on the bottom of the stove. Can be operated with or without the included heater. Nicely realistic moving flame effect.

  • Resin stove body in black finish
  • Easily portable from room to room
  • Door opens to reveal the control switches
  • Thermostatic heat dial for even, comfortable heating
  • 4600 btu (1350 watts)
  • DIMENSIONS 16-1/4" wide x 19-1/2" tall x 11-3/4" deep
  • Bottom mounted heater - set on level, flat & rigid surface (do not set directly on rugs)


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